Customer Loyalty Referral Rewards Program

At Fixco customer loyalty is important to us, we firmly believe that our customers are our best form of advertising. As a standard business practice we would allocate approximately 2% of gross sales towards our advertising budget, and therefore feel it is only fair to reward our customers with this 2% for any dollars generated by any of their direct referrals on perpetual basis.

What this means is that for anyone that you refer to Fixco, and that person becomes a spending customer, 2% of everything they spend with us will be allocated into your loyalty account. This accruing balance can be used as a credit towards any future service invoices or parts purchases from us.

Our client tracking software will automatically track and deposit these loyalty rewards in your customer account. Clients will have access username / password protected account access to view your account balance, as well as any activity that has transpired.

Membership Has Its Privileges Program

Fixco customers will have an option to participate in our loyalty membership program for a nominal annual membership fee. Members will have access to special discounted pricing on all service fees, parts, and accessories. Pricing discounts will more than offset the cost of the annual membership fee.

Our hope for the membership program is to create a win/win scenario where customers enjoy substantial savings and pricing discounts, while helping Fixco maintain a loyal and consistent customer base.


If you are retired, or semi-retired, handy or somewhat technically minded, good with tools, Fixco might be a perfect opportunity to generate supplementary or part-time income.

The strategy will be outline geographic territories and establish a Fixco authorized repair tech to service the business within the prescribed territory.

If this opportunity sounds like something that might fit in with your schedule and capabilities, please fill out the form above to drop us a line.

Thank you for your consideration.

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